Trigger Point Therapy

In Trigger Point Therapy, I target precise areas within your muscles, known as “trigger points,” which can cause widespread pain and discomfort. This focused approach is particularly effective for clients experiencing localized pain that impacts their daily activities.


Deep Tissue Massage pricing reflects our commitment to providing profound and personalized relief from deep-seated muscle tension and fascial restrictions:

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30 minutes

This concise session is ideal for targeting a specific trigger point or area of concern. It’s perfect for those needing quick relief or for clients with busy schedules who want to address acute discomfort or a single muscle knot effectively.

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60 minutes

Standard one-hour session provides a comprehensive approach to Trigger Point Therapy. It allows for a more thorough examination and treatment of multiple trigger points, offering relief from the compounded effects of injury, poor posture, or repetitive motion. This duration is well-suited for clients seeking extensive relief across various areas of the body.

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90 minutes

For the most in-depth treatment, our 90-minute session delves into extensive trigger point therapy, encompassing detailed attention to multiple areas of pain and dysfunction. This extended time is particularly beneficial for clients with complex or chronic conditions, facilitating a profound release of muscle tension and a significant reduction in pain.

Trigger Point Therapy

At “A Better Back by Kim,” Trigger Point Therapy is a specialized treatment that focuses on alleviating muscle pain through targeted pressure on specific muscle knots. Kim offers personalized sessions, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, to address individual pain points and improve overall muscle function.